It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but quarantine’s making me feel like…

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 8.45.23 PM

I need to write.

It’s ok to feel sad and be absolutely unproductive while the world is in a state of trauma. It’s ok to spend a Saturday unable to do as much as you’d normally be able to do because it’s not just the quarantine, but the shock and the grief, that has rendered you frozen.

And because, honestly, none of it is normal. Our worlds have turned upside down, and maybe we need to embrace that, so that a new world can one day rise from the ashes and carry us through.

You don’t need to capitalize on this moment, “seize the opportunity,” as all the Instagram memes say. You can sit, and sit, and do absolutely nothing while in a daze, until the tears come and flood your heart open.

You can, in other words, just be exactly where you’re at. Because honestly, I think that might be the only way to melt through the frozen. And rise. Rise from the flames like the phoenix, brand new – all of us, and you.