In My Feminine, I Feel Free

A simple henna design I drew on my hand:

A Simple Henna Design I Drew On My Hand

I listened to this playlist I made entitled “Divine Feminine” while doing so:

I belly danced after.The sensuality of the dance and drawings swept me away into this stunningly magical space. No constricting lines existed there, just carefree curves and colours. In my feminine, I feel free.


  1. Dear Sheena,
    Such a lovely post. Although one thing to be effeminate but something totally different to be in my feminine. The process of liberation freedom! I couldnt help but turning up the volume on your playlist. I am not a good dancer, but hey when the lights are dim 🙂

    1. sheenavasani says:

      Haha, I’ve got to admit, I am not the best dancer either and belly dancing is HARD! But it’s about the feeling, the self-expression, rather than the perfection I think. Thank you so much for your compliment:) Keep dancing! I’m glad you like the playlist!

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